Are you considered to be something of a rainmaker in your industry, or in other words somebody who can come into an existing project and make some sizable improvements? If so, you may be in charge of a brand new project because of your expertise, and you will be looking to get everything underway as soon as possible so you can work your magic. Yet there is every reason why you shouldn't become too involved in the detailed work at the outset and issues regarding design, commissioning or roll out. Why should you delegate all of this work to an outside organisation?


As your value lies in improving something that is already in existence, you need to focus on projects that are at this stage already. For this new project you need to bring in an organisation that can specialise in their work and provide you with a turnkey solution when all is ready. In other words, this contractor will be responsible for putting the project together from scratch and bringing it up to implementation, before they hand you the keys to drive it forward.

Standing Back

When you apply this reasoning, you will be much better off in the long run, as these organisations have a clear understanding of the procedures, technical elements and costs to be found at this level of development. They know how to implement strategies as effectively as possible and may well be able to leverage some economies of scale, due to other relationships in the industry. They will be able to speak the same language as suppliers and contractors at various levels of build, and this could well bring the overall budget for the project down considerably.

Complex Enough

This entire project is very complicated, and you want to avoid making it more so. If you get too involved in design and construction while trying to focus on rollout and growth, confusion can soon reign. You may find it challenging to separate any issues related to the build from operation, marketing or development, and this could lead to delays and wasted cash.

Speaking the Same Language

Make sure that your vision for the future is quite clear before you engage your turnkey project management company and then step back to allow them to do their work. Always ensure that you have the agreement set out and that everybody is on the same page, and this will allow the contractor to bring in their resources to complete the work properly.