PVC swing doors give you a flexible way of closing off areas of your warehouse without impeding access. Both people and vehicles find it easy to use these doors, which open with a simple push. However, they create effective barriers.

Before you install swing doors, think about the following features. They will help you buy PVC doors that last for a long time.

1. Visibility

Swing PVC doors have different finishes. For example, you can use clear, frosted or even coloured doors.

A door's finish affects its visibility. You can see through clear doors, while frosted or coloured PVC doesn't give a clear view. You can still see shadows, however.

Think about whether you need full visibility. If the door will have a lot of foot and vehicle traffic, then clear doors are a better option.

People and drivers can see through clear PVC more easily. They can see if anyone is behind the door when they approach it. This reduces the chances of accidents.

2. Flexible Strength

PVC swing doors come in different thicknesses. You should aim to choose a size that gives you flexibility and strength.

You need these doors to be flexible enough to open easily with a small push. They shouldn't be so stiff that people have to push hard to open them.

On the other hand, the PVC has to be strong enough to cope with everyday use. You don't want it to tear or break. This can be a problem if vehicles such as forklifts use the doors. Machines might push on the PVC with more force.

3. Automatic Closing

Some swing PVC doors have a manual closing system. Others swing back to close automatically.

Automatic closing is a good option here. If you want to keep the doors closed when they aren't in use, then automatic closing makes this happen.

So, you won't have to rely on people remembering to close the doors behind them after they walk through. Your forklift drivers won't have to get off their machines and go back to close the doors.

4. Seals

PVC doors also help you keep areas clean; they give you some thermal control. However, this only works if you have seals on the doors.

If doors don't have seals, then they let in dust and dirt. They transfer heat and cold from one area to the next.

If you have robust brush or wiper seals, then your doors have fewer gaps around them. They create more of a barrier between areas.

To find out more, contact PVC doors manufacturers or suppliers.