If you need to install a new steam boiler in your factory, then you have to decide how to fuel the system. While some people choose gas systems, electric steam boilers have some advantages you shouldn't ignore.

Why should you consider installing an electric boiler system?

1. Get Easier Installation

If you install a gas steam boiler, then you need to have a gas connection in your building. If you don't have one yet, then you have to set one up or switch to using LPG.

You also have to site gas boilers more carefully. You might need to set up a boiler room; you'll also have to make sure that the system has the right configuration of flues and vents to remove harmful pollutants from your facility. You might not be able to put the boiler in your preferred location close to the machines it will service.

If you choose an electric steam boiler, then things are a lot easier. These boilers don't need flue systems. You get more choice of placement. They also tend to be smaller than gas products, so you won't have to find much space for them. Plus, you already have the right power source in your factory, so your installation and set-up will be a lot faster and simpler.

2. Get Better Energy Efficiency

Gas steam boilers aren't usually as energy efficient as electric products. Gas models have to burn fuel to create the heat they need. This takes time. It also wastes some heat during the generation process.

Electric steam boilers have better efficiency levels. These models don't have to burn fuel. So, they waste less energy and heat up faster.

3. Get a Safer System

While you have to be careful around electricity, electric steam boilers are generally safer than gas-fed products. Gas boilers use a combustible fuel. They release potentially harmful substances. You have to follow specific safety measures to keep them and your people safe.

Plus, if you opt for an LPG gas model, then you have to store some gas on your site. If there was a fire, this gas supply could ignite and explode.

Electric steam boilers reduce your hazards. As long as you follow general electricity management rules, they shouldn't cause you any problems.

For example, electric boilers are clean. They don't use combustible fuels that might ignite, leak or release toxic substances. They also don't produce harmful pollutants.

For more advice, contact industrial boilers manufacturers or suppliers and ask about their electric steam boiler ranges.